Grand Prior Message

For Canada, we have introduced the Templar 2030 Plan. The purpose of the plan is to create a Long- term Strategic Plan to guide the Administration of our Grand Priory and create an effective organization to increase visibility and donor recognition.

To achieve the plan, we will streamline administrative processes to coordinate efforts within the organization and create an e-platform and e-resources to support outreach & growth. Financially, we will establish sustainable working capital to maximize operational capacity as a voluntary organization, and create a Silent Knight program for anonymous donations from Templars. We will establish internal accountability for leadership and accountability of members to live their lives by their oath.

A major goal of the plan is provincial & territorial growth of at least one priory per region, with 1000 active members nationally, (currently 188). We will achieve this through our own internal member networks and outreach, building bridges with multi-denominational Christian churches and groups, and utilize the existing Templar military network, and visibility through donor programs.

The Charitable part of the plan includes providing a charitable receipt for all member dues, and donations, in accordance with CRA rules and regulations. Set our Charitable goals outside the Priory level for a Pan-Canadian approach to address our duty to: Support the needs of the Christians at risk in the Holy Land

Member dues are only the beginning. Dames and Knights are expected to go beyond their dues to charity in their community and the world.

In Christ,
H.E. Dr. Chevalier George Jackowski, GCTJ
Grand Prior IV – Grand Priory of Canada

“Aiding humanity on the pilgrimage through life.”

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